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Clinical Psychologist

Addictions Counseling

Addiction is not only a physical dependence on a substance or behavior. The person struggling with addictive behaviors is suffering and often has difficulties with self-care and self-compassion. Addiction permeates the lives of users, leaving them with powerful associated stimuli that can easily cause relapse. Even after people are in recovery from their physical dependence, social and environmental factors have the potential to quickly push them back into relapse. Visiting friends who continue to use drugs or partake in other stimuli can cause former users to relapse and revisit their destructive behavior.

Overcoming dependency is a grueling and difficult process, Most people who are fortunate to get clean, sober, or cease from engaging in self-destructive habits, feel a sense of triumph, but soon discover that this is just the first step in the attainment of a better life. What follows is often a lifelong battle to overcome relapse and fight cravings. For the addict, the first step is being open to help. Counseling can assist individuals in developing new skills to help in this battle.

For many, counseling is an integral part of their treatment program and recovery process. Learning to recognize thoughts, situations and mood states that cause cravings helps people to make healthier choices. Having the opportunity to talk with someone they come to trust about significant life stressors, grief and loss, relationship challenges, early life experiences and trauma, serves as a catalyst for personal healing.

Counseling sessions are designed to teach individuals to cope with life outside the factors that ultimately led them to addiction and to successfully battle cravings when they do occur. I work with individuals to pinpoint their particular triggers and develop positive strategies for overcoming them, as well as using their motivations — whether it be work, family, personal responsibility or something else — to develop other positive safety nets in the hopes that the individuals with whom I work will live in more enlivened and healthier ways.

Services provided include working with people who struggle with addictive behaviors related to:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Other Prescription Medication
  • Cocaine
  • Psychedelics
  • Gambling
  • Sex and Love
  • Technology
  • Self Harm
  • Work Addiction
  • Other Behavioral Addictions