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Clinical Psychologist

Family Counseling Services

Families can be among both the most supportive or destructive forces in a person’s life, depending on how the relationships within them are fostered and maintained. In some cases, families can get caught in a destructive cycle that influences the lives of every member in a unique way.

Some examples of issues that could necessitate family therapy to resolve are:

  • Blending a mixed family into one unit
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Disagreements among adult siblings
  • Prevention or healing of someone cut-off from the family
  • Inter-generational disputes
  • Violent events

By working with multiple members of a family together, I can better understand how actions affect every member and help facilitate conflict resolution. By acting as a multi-partial mediator, I can target conflicts in a way that gives each individual a fair, compassionate platform to speak in. In any conflict, each person within the family has a perspective worth hearing and that influences the family as a whole. As family members learn to share as well as listen and understand their own perspective as well as the others, the big picture can be seen. In doing this, I try to create balance and respectful patterns of communication within the family.